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Early Childhood Dental Development

Q. When should a child have their first dental appointment?
A. When their first tooth erupts or 12 months of age.

The first primary (baby) teeth erupt generally at six months of age. The first teeth to erupt are the two mandibular (lower) central incisors. This is followed by the maxillary (upper) central and lateral incisors. The mandibular lateral incisors come next, followed by the first primary molars (14 months), canines (18 months) and lastly the second primary molars (28 months). The pattern and timing of eruption can vary. Sometimes children cut their first teeth as late as 18 months, and as early as birth.

Teething is a child's natural response to erupting teeth. Children's response to teething varies greatly, but generally you will notice an increase in drooling, irritability and putting objects (toys, hands, etc.) in their mouths. Diarrhea and low grade fevers (<100 degrees F) have also been reported. Pain relief is best obtained using Tylenol as directed and allowing your child to teeth on a cold teething ring. Do not use rub-on numbing gels or any other topical numbing agents as these can do serious harm to your child.
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